Whether Layering Up or Revealing More, 8 Transparent Products to Shop Now

Now that we’ve shed 2019 — and a whole decade at that — the need to do the same with our fits is on its way. Right now, reducing your layers probably isn’t top of the agenda, but it helps to get ahead when it comes to seasonal prep. Over the past few years, men’s fashion has received a welcomed splash of transparency. Sheer shirts dressed some of pop culture’s biggest names. Organza blew up in 2019. And mesh is getting a widespread yes for SS20.

While we receive revealing fits with welcome arms, not all of us are comfortable showing skin. In that case, transparent garments are ingenious layering tools, useful for airing that neglected tee during colder months. There’s no need to limit transparency to the torso, though. From sneakers to accessories, all that’s see-through is likely to dominate 2020, and we’ve picked out some visible highlights to get started.

Oh BODE. If summer had a uniform, this would be it. That silky organza looks that good, even in images, that it had us stroking our laptop screen. The sheer shirt is finished off with some stunning embroidery depicting a Japanese pagoda.

Our Leg has been on the transparent train for a while now, shaking up menswear with its mesh-packing Spring/Summer collections. This semi-sheer nylon mesh top is a torso-hugging piece, featuring a hazy projection befitting a melt-inducing summer day.

Yep, Our Leg again. We told you. While the Swedish label has had the top half well covered when it comes to transparent goods, these organza pants are a new move. All here for pants over pants in 2020.

This is one for those who like to layer. The semi-sheer organza shirt by Raf comes with a detachable T-shirt underneath, providing plenty of opportunity for switching up your look.

Sweaters can do sheer too, and this piece by Ann Demeulemeester proves so. Hand knitted in Macedonia, this a delicate wool piece that again offers a range of nice layering opps.

As we mentioned, it’s not just the top department serving up some excuse to show off some flesh. The recently released and sought-after sneaker collab between adidas and British skateboarder/model Blondey McCoy features a clear PVC upper. If you’re not going barefoot, make sure your socks are clean.

Not exactly new, but with this currently being on sale and at a very attractive price for Margiela goods, we had to throw it into the glassy mix.

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