Your Favorite Brands Are Now Making PPE

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Pre 2020, PPE was a term reserved for scientists, health workers, and anyone venturing onto a construction site. Nobody could have seen it coming, but PPE gear is now firmly woven into the fabric of everyday life and it’s being produced by the likes of Marine Serre and Off-White™.

From face masks to full-face coverings via gloves and hand sanitizer, we’re now accustomed to a range of protective products. And if this stuff’s sticking around then we may as well make the most of it. It turns out there is such thing as cool PPE gear and we’re stocking up.

While our PPE experience began with the arrival of face masks, the world has branched out into a bunch of other departments of personal protective equipment. New runway collections from luxury houses and streetwear labels have even moved to incorporate PPE gear — see Louis Vuitton visors. As such, who’s to say that PPE’s reach won’t continue to grow? We see a future embellished with innovative, stylish PPE, so why not get started on a collection.

Our selection below covers the whole range, from basic face masks to style-centric, luxury iterations. Please remember, though, luxury PPE doesn’t always mean full safety — pair our selections with medically proven PPE to guarantee protection.

Off-White™ shows that when it comes to PPE gear, simplicity is the best policy. This black mask features elasticated loops and a simple, contrasting text logo to the front and center.

By this point, you’ve seen your fair share of homemade face masks, but in the world of stylish PPE, this By Walid mask is up there with the best. The label’s unmistakable patchwork and topstitching reign supreme.

Handmade from recycled nylon jersey, 100% of net proceeds from the sale of Marine Serre’s Filter Air Mask are donated to supporting COVID-19 relief efforts. Aside from that, all it takes it a small, white logo to one side to grab our attention.

Berlin-based glasses master Mykita bases its selection around experiment, curiosity, and play. And, when the overarching narrative is a global pandemic, glasses manufacturers turn to PPE to experiment, of course. This anti-fog visor comes with a Medigrey alternative visor to protect from sunlight when you’re on the move, too.

Komono’s Rafaa Annamarie Saric Sunglasses are at once futuristic and retro, streamlined and boxy, functional and luxurious. This pair of glasses is a physical contradiction and we love every centimeter of it.

It may be designed as a sun visor, but we’re nothing if not resourceful when it comes to style. Thanks to the elasticated headband, you can just flick the visor over your eyes for a luxury alternative.

Most balaclavas are hard to justify, but this ASICS iteration looks more nighttime runner than bank robber. Technical fleece promises serious warmth while the minimal design features a small, reflective logo to the temple for understated style.

C.P. Company has basically been training for COVID since it was founded. The hoods with goggles make a lot more sense now — they were five steps ahead the whole time. This wool balaclava features an adjustable rim as well as an inner face covering.

Marine Serre swaps out the signature crescent-moon motif for an all-over lizard design on this second-skin balaclava. The hypnotic pattern is in keeping with the label’s unmistakable style.

Pendleton’s classic Americana motifs position this pair as a timeless accessory while fibers to the fingertips that allow you to use your phone bring the Texting Gloves up to the modern day. Also, your phone screen is most likely covered in bacteria, so keep your gloves on please.

NEIGHBORHOOD.’s Racing Gloves boast a paneled mesh, bonded jersey, and leather construction. Apart from the contrasting logo patches to each hand, this sleek pair fly under the radar in signature NEIGHBORHOOD. style.

Talk about adjustable toggles, this pair of rib-knit gloves from ADER Error feature two of the chunkiest, most substantial, most eye-catching toggles we’ve seen yet. The rugged climbing rope fastenings contrast with a delicate, off-white knit glove.

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